Should You Hire a Financial Advisor?

Should you hire a financial advisor? CBS Moneywatch has one of the best articles I've seen explaining the costs and advantages of hiring a financial advisor to invest your money vs. investing yourself with index funds. You may have read it here before, but just like with everything else you buy, it only makes sense to know how much you're spending on wealth management....yet many people, especially women, feel intimidated to ask their financial advisor their total fees and expenses. Financial Woman Insights:  1. The cost of wealth management (percentage wise usually declines as … [Continue reading...]

December Wealth Tip

 December Wealth Tip: Remember to take any required IRA distributions before year end. Inherited IRA’s often have withdrawal requirements, too. If you don’t work with a financial planner or CPA, call your brokerage firm and ask. The estate planning department can usually help you  quickly, for free.         … [Continue reading...]

Financial Survey Reveals Women Need Less Than Men To Feel Wealthy

financial survey

A new financial survey reveals that women need to earn less than men to feel wealthy. The Herald Online article states: Men are almost twice as likely as women to say they need an annual income of $500k or more to feel wealthy according to the 2014 Harris Poll financial survey. Read the entire article here. Financial Woman Insight… Many women are still conditioned from centuries of believing that they are less capable of wealth than men, leading them to settle for less income. On the other hand, maybe we equate wealth with other factors more than income, such as a quality … [Continue reading...]

The Financial Freedom Magical Place

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My dad changed the oil in my Volkswagon bug for me as a teen. He used to say that most people could do or fix pretty much anything that they wanted; the problem was not focusing on it and then taking the time to do it. Dad was a smart man. Like many things he taught me, this truth applies to a lot of aspects of life. Today this paradigm is more real than ever with almost anything we want virtually at our fingertips; there are millions of bright shiny objects to distract us from our focus at any given moment. And when it comes to your money, have you ever noticed that it can be gone … [Continue reading...]

3 Smart Reasons to Invest in the Stock Market

Here’s some pretty compelling data about why to invest in the stock market for building your wealth account, thanks to trusted Morningstar Investment Research: During only 12 of the 5 year periods from 1930 to 2013, large company stocks had negative average annual returns. But in 72 of those periods they had positive returns. You’ll want to read this Investor’s Business Daily article here. Financial Woman Insights on this article: 1. The 3 compelling reasons to invest in the stock market in this article are excellent ones! 2. Buying on sale is almost always … [Continue reading...]

CNN Money Reveals Insights On Men Vs. Women Entrepreneur Study

Confession: I was a bit surprised about this article on women vs men entrepreneurs from CNN Money. The article revealed findings from a study done by BNP Paribas and consultancy firm Scorpio Partnership on more than 2,500 affluent entrepreneurs worldwide. Click here to read it.   Financial Woman Insight: Increasing income is the best way to build wealth. While investing smartly builds wealth over time, the reality is that long term investing earning 7% a year in your investment account is just not going to create a windfall. That's why focusing on increasing income in addition … [Continue reading...]

This Wealth Planning Step Could Save You Over $100,000…Seriously

wealth planning

Here's a super simple action you can take that could save you tens or hundreds of thousands dollars in taxes... Drum roll please.... Check family members IRA beneficiaries and options, and make sure you are making the best choice. This isn't some risky scheme or illegal tax's just smart wealth planning! It's giving your money attention. If the thought of tax planning makes your skin crawl, you can always hire a financial planner or CPA by the hour if you don't work one regularly to advise you on this very basic wealth planning strategy. Then you'll probably just need to … [Continue reading...]

12 Rich Lifestyle Weekend Habits

Rich Lifestyle

This morning as I sat down to read my favorite daily financial newspaper, I ended up down a rabbit hole chasing this article about weekend lifestyle habits. (Anyone else find it hard to NOT see what Richard Branson suggests?) It was well worth the brief distraction so I'm sharing it here... Even these super successful leaders know that success is about way more than money. These article is packed with short but inspiring tips for life balance, health and time management . While they're not really about money, but they are all about creating a rich lifestyle! What's your favorite … [Continue reading...]

Women, Wealth and Trailblazing

Boomer Women and Wealth... Women over 50 are increasingly inheriting and making more money. Get the facts from this New York Times article on women and wealth. Read the entire article by clicking here. Financial Woman Insights:  Check the fees carefully for annuities....and the income stream, especially now. If you are hiring a financial advisor, know why...please! Favorite line from this article: “This group of women are trailblazers,” Ms. Slotkin said. “They’ve become forces as business owners in their communities, they’ve accumulated wisdom along the way, and … [Continue reading...]

Quickly Test Your Income Idea with This!

Income Ideas Galore

Remember Madlibs? Here's a cool one for you! More income means more money to grow...and a better lifestyle along the way. Have an idea to test a new income stream? Step #1, google search to see who else, if anyone, is already doing it. Contrary to popular belief, you either want lots of people doing it, or none. If it's a general, not patented or trademarked idea, like a website or book on decorating with repurposed items, for example, you want to see lots of people doing it. This indicates that there's strong interest in your intended market. If it's a unique product invention, … [Continue reading...]