How to Invest Part 2

How to Invest

How to Invest Part 2 The first How to Invest article addressed deciding how much money you want to invest. The next step toward smart investing is choosing how much risk you want to have with your investment money. You’ll want to have six to twelve months living expenses in a very low risk investment that has little or no change in value. This is not investment money that I’m addressing in this article; this is reserve money in case you lose your job, or have some sort of emergency. It’s your “sleep well at night savings”… But what’s your “sleep well at night risk … [Continue reading...]

Learn How To Invest; Create Financial Freedom

how to invest

How to Invest - Part One on the Journey to Wealth... After my longtime girlfriend from college emailed me again to ask how to invest her teacher retirement fund, I decided once and for all to start sharing more information about traditional investing here at Financial Woman. Telling someone where to invest money is a huge responsibility, and it’s not one that I want right now. What I do is share what I've learned from over 30 years of investing so that you can make better, more confident choices about investing, have peace and confidence about your money, and live rich. Since I’m … [Continue reading...]

Do You Know About This Smart Investing Tool?

how to invest

  Do you have that nagging feeling signaling you need to know more about how to invest if you're going to reach your life and financial goals? You may have read about how to invest with index funds here at Financial Woman. Investors can easily invest in stock and bond indexes with either mutual funds or etf's (exchange traded funds). (Remember, smart investors always check the price tag before buying anything, and understand the markets or work with a financial advisor.) Both index funds and etf's have advantages and disadvantages for investors. Investor's Business Daily has a … [Continue reading...]

Women and Investing: Are You Checking the Price Tag before Buying?

Women and Investing

Women and Investing....and Smart Shopping Did you know that the stock market fell a whopping 58% from the end of 2007 to March 2009? Since that 2009 bottom, the stock market (index for large company stocks) has risen 179%. (1) Last week a money coaching client told me that she had some money she wanted to put into the stock market so she could diversify her investments. She currently has a lot of real estate, and owns her own small business. Here's the thing: Diversification makes a lot of sense; but when buying anything, whether it's a house or a stock fund, check the valuation to … [Continue reading...]

Net Worth, Women and Homes

Net Worth and Home Values

Net Worth, Women and Homes... It's so great to see that real estate and financial professionals are addressing the female market after decades of being under served! The first sentence in the article below states that Trulia launched a marketing campaign aimed at women. I would dare to guess that women have a lot of input into purchasing a's our nest in the world! As a real estate investor and home owner, I love both of these sites for research. They're a great resource to estimate the market value of your home, an important factor in net worth for most people. Just take … [Continue reading...]

Millionaire Financial Planning Tips

financial planning tips for millionaires

This article from Investor's Business Daily has some good financial planning tips geared toward millionaires. The one thing I would add is that tax smart additional income streams can be created by individuals who don't yet have enough funds for life, such as a part time consulting business based on skills and expertise. Creating new income streams is more important than ever, especially since a $1,000,000 retirement account will not sustain the income needed for the lifestyle desired by most millionaires after taxes and inflation are factored in. Additionally, consider longer lives, rising … [Continue reading...]

How To Teach Children about Money; Entrepreneur Insights

How to Teach Children about Money

This Wall Street Journal article on how to teach children about money has some good information and entertaining comics, even if you're not a millionaire like these folks...yet. It's especially insightful that Ms. Renkert-Thomas, now a financial adviser to business owners, viewed her inheritance and wealth as a "potential engine for entrepreneurship". As a money coach, I find that so much of the focus on growing money is about how to get an investment return when the investment account is just too small to earn a significant return. While ROI is important, getting strategies in place to … [Continue reading...]

Financial Goals: If You Don’t Do Anything Else, Do This…


January is the perfect month for an update to your financial goals. Aside from the fact that it’s probably blustery outside, creating the perfect chance to hunker down with a hot cup of tea and your cherished wealth journal, you probably have year end numbers at your fingertips. Besides, the energy of a new year naturally breeds enthusiasm for taking chances and making leaps for creating that rich life that you know can have; a life where you know what you want, and are taking steps to get it while enjoying yourself along the way because you are clear, focused and happy. Here is an … [Continue reading...]

Can Lessons from Bridget Jones Help You Grow Money?

Grow Money Celebration

Movies can teach us a lot about life, and even about how to grow money. I have found that I now like to watch only uplifting movies, and tend to avoid movies that bring me down, such as violent or depressing ones. Last night, I watched Bridget Jones Diary as part of my annual holiday movie event. It’s one of my very favorites! I get so frustrated with Bridget; she’s so pretty, naturally sexy, and smart, yet she keeps repeating the same mistakes. She so longs to be healthy and confident, yet she continually sabotages herself in every area that she longs to improve: her career, her … [Continue reading...]

Are You Stuck in the Past with Your Financial Health?

Is Your Money Mindset Stuck in the Past?

Have you ever noticed how you can put together an outfit with only a few pieces when you are in a pinch? Have you ever been on a trip and your luggage got lost? You have to go buy just a few things to get by. Maybe you have a pair of jeans, black pants, a couple of tee shirts, a nice top that you can dress up or down, and an accessory or two? It’s amazing what you can build with those few essentials. You don’t waste time thinking about what you have in your lost suitcase, or even your closet at home. Instead, it becomes something of a fun challenge to make do, and you suddenly feel … [Continue reading...]