Financial Solutions: $500,000 and No Work!

financial solutions

When looking for financial solutions to grow money, most people don’t think about their home as a potential wealth building strategy. In fact, sometimes your home can feel like a money pit! But by buying and selling smart, savvy couples can accumulate tax free wealth of $500,000…repeat…$500,000 (and that’s half a million dollars) in as little as 2 years. Are you a savvy single? Individuals may take a tax free gain of $250,000. The cool thing is...this is one of the few financial solutions that really requires no work, other than some research to buy and sell your home in a way that … [Read more...]

5 Gut Wrenching Life Changing Epiphanies for 2013

Rich Life Experiences

Don’t you love those life changing “aha” insights? It’s those occasional moments when we really “get it” that lead to the gut wrenching commitments to action that are the catalysts for a truly rich life. Despite the sleepies that accompany winter solstice, it seems that January particularly welcomes such action provoking thoughts with the anticipation of good things to come in the fresh new year. Here are a few of my favorite epiphanies from life experiences in recent years to consider for 2013: Give up negativity. Holy cow! This is huge. After reading A Complaint Free World by … [Read more...]

What’s Your Next Step?


Sometimes the thought of creating a savings and investment plan to reach your financial goals can seem completely overwhelming. There are five steps to Make a Rich Life at Financial Woman. Your money is just like other areas in your life; the best way to create the outcome you want is to focus your energy on one step at a time. Victory from that one step propels you to take the next step as you see improvements in your financial health. Before you know it, you are making significant moves toward your financial goals. Think about the next step for you to take to have the life you really … [Read more...]

Is Financial Education for Women Sexist?


Do you think that financial education for women should exist? I would love to hear an honest answer about your thoughts on this. Why am I asking this question when I am clearly invested in Financial Woman at this point? I recently presented my business model to a group of successful Austin business women. A couple of the women suggested that it was almost inappropriate to offer financial education for women exclusively, especially with “pretty things” on it. On the other hand, I have received wonderful feedback from so many of you about the colorful wealth art handouts I have created … [Read more...]

What is Cash Flow

What is Cash Flow? Cash flow simply refers to the amount of money coming into and out of your accounts each month. When more money flows out than in, your cash flow is negative. When more flows in that out, you have blissfully positive cash flow. In reality, cash flow ebbs and “flows” (no pun intended, seriously) throughout life for most individuals. The most common way to have money flowing in is from a salary, but sometimes during periods between jobs or during transition times, salaries can be lacking. This is one of several reasons it makes sense to establish multiple streams of … [Read more...]

Ever Get Road Trip Aha’s?


The Financial Woman Savvy Smart Style Tip for this week is a lifestyle tip, and it’s absolutely free! Well, it does involve some gas for your car, which we all know is not cheap given the run up in the price of crude oil. But it’ almost free… Last week I was headed to the Round Top Antique market to do some Savvy Smart Style videos. It was one of those perfectly gorgeous days without a cloud in the crisp blue sky. I was taking in the tranquil beauty of the rolling hills among the vast open ranches and farm lands outside of Austin. Ideas for all areas of my life were surfacing … [Read more...]

4 Smart Cash Flow Secrets

Monitoring Cash Flow is Always Smart! Exactly what is cash flow? It's the flow of money into and out of your financial accounts each month. Even if you are fortunate to have periods when you have more income than you want to spend each month, it’s wise to calculate your monthly cash flow. This is a smart habit for several reasons. Accomplish Your Money Reasons Sooner First, you can challenge yourself to reach some of those money reason goals sooner than you thought possible. For example, if your goal is to donate a certain amount to a children’s shelter by the time you are 50 … [Read more...]

Are You A Savvy Smart Spender?

U.S. Coins and Paper Money

Financial Woman has an exciting new area focusing on creating more cash flow with savvy smart style. Increasingly, I am hearing from women that are concerned about their financial future, yet, they’re unsure what steps to take on a daily basis to start growing their money. Step 1 is increasing cash flow… As you’ve no doubt previously read at Financial Woman, cash flow is queen! One side of this equation is increasing income, of course, and the other side is smarter spending. As you probably know, focusing on both sides helps you reach your financial goals faster. Today, I am … [Read more...]

Saturday’s Smart and Savvy Spending Tip

huevos rancheros

Instead of brunch out, create this quick and fun meal at home. Besides, isn't it fun to have breakfast in your jammies? Or even  breakfast in bed?? Now that feels rich! Huevos Rancheros 2 Servings - Easily doubled or tripled. Smart Tip: Use a pancake griddle to cook 10 eggs at once. 4 eggs 2 tortillas (I use organic corn since I don't eat wheat; hubby likes flour; kids love crispy, but don't heat the crispy!) Grapeseed oil or butter Salsa- I like Whole Foods 365 brand-Medium spice level~ Cilantro - optional Avocado Garnish- optional Cook eggs over easy, or to your liking. Put … [Read more...]

Don’t You Love That Vacation Clarity?

Have you ever noticed how your mind gets uncluttered while you are on vacation, then on the flight home you can’t write fast enough as new and inspiring ideas pour out of your mind?  Recently, I was on the flight back to Austin after an energizing ski trip in Park City; I spent half an hour mapping out a plan that would create a significant improvement in my financial life. I’m now on the verge of a large empty nest and two sons in college, so it definitely feels like a time of transition in so many ways, including my personal finances. This plan had come to me briefly in passing moments … [Read more...]